This is Random!

 And just like that! It's time to post again apparently.

Where have you been since March, 2016? Where I have I been?

All sorts of places, meeting all sorts of people, having adventures, being bored to tears, doing nothing, doing something, a little of this, a little of that. Here. There. Everywhere.

People have come. And gone. New life born. Old life done. 

And that's what brought me here, to this page that I have never forgotten, but just ran out of gas, steam, energy, and words for a while. 

Til now. I'm sitting here at my laptop, and trying to book a trip with an airline. They booted me off the site about 5 times while refusing to accept that I'd changed my password , again and again and again. So I took a very deep breath and dove in to the dreaded list of sites, at last count, over 45 places that need me to remember my unique password for each one. And amazed beyond belief, I actually made it onto my own blog at the first try! 

The sheer relief I felt was inspiring, and so, here I am. And gently reader, so are you. How are you?

The past five years have been a roller coaster of a ride really, and the last 22 months have certainly taken their toll on all of us. But this much I have discovered:

There is always room for hope. 

And it comes on the soft wind from the south that announces the end of winter, 

it flutters on the wings of the butterflies who softly land on waving blossoms, 

it is carried by the songs of the cardinals, and wood thrushes, and robins, and chickadees.

It wafts through the window during a gentle rain,

it floats above the steaming loaf of  bread, fresh out of the oven,

and its held in the hugs of friends, and the arms of lovers,

as we share a kitchen dance with a waltz and a shuffle.

I have no big story today. Just a "hello, it's nice to be here and now."

"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness. 

Hope whispers that things will get better."  ~ Desmond Tutu


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