ABAB Ad Hock Committee

In a former life I had an ad agency, and many clients. Now I work for a municipality, and it is technically speaking my one client. Part of my job is to communicate the public face of the community to investors, visitors and residents...and I like doing this. But, over the years, when it all gets to be a bit much, as it sometimes does, I turn to abab type poems and just let it out there.or, here as the case may be! Found this old nugget while cleaning up files and trying to take up less space on the network...
Warning! There are more where these came from ;>)

The Client Presentation
I gave the presentation,
I really did my best.
I hope the clients liked it.
Oh Shit!
There's mustard on my vest!

Was it there before I met them?
I'm afraid that must be so,
For we didn't nibble hotdogs.
I wonder, did it show?

While I spoke of all the things
That I could do for them
Based on past performance,
Did they see one messy fem?

When I raved about our attitude
And strategies and such,
Did they think behind their lowered lids,
This woman is too much!

We're not a graphic house, I said,
We really do much more.
Did they notice that my mustard was
The same shade as their floor?

And when they finally make a choice
Between the others or us,
Will they bother with the golden splotch
Or fuss about the muss?

I have a vested interest
In the outcome of this session
As we only get one chance, they say,
To make a first impression.