A Trifle Little Thing

About a week ago I came across an article on rustic summer desserts on www.cbc.ca and the author chatted merrily away about Trifle and all the variations -should one use Lady Fingers, Sponge Cake, or Pound Cake? Real whipped cream or spray can stuff? Fresh or frozen fruit? Cointreau or rum or Grand Marnier?
So many decisions!
I pondered about all of this for awhile, 'til it drove me crazy. And then I made my own version, which is quietly waiting in the cool darkness of the fridge for me and 12 other people we are having dinner with to taste its boozy, fruity, creamy lushness. Just a trifle summer food fling.
But, I digress. So, this gathering of the senses stars the following:

Spongecake, liberally doused with amber rum.
Wild blueberries.
Plump, just picked raspberries.
Gorgeous, juicy Ontario peaches.
Beautiful red and tender plums.

All chopped up nice and politely.

Then the layers begin.
Rum and sponge.
Fruit mix.
Creme Anglaise -kind of a looser version of Devon Cream. Extraordinarily yummy.
Chantilly Cream, which is another name for whipped cream, with real vanilla.
Then repeat two more times until your trifle pedestal bowl is full.

To finish, top with pretty little flowers from the garden, garnish with some fresh mint, a touch of grated nutmeg, and voila! Dessert fit for friends, family and fotos.