Just Perfect

Three and a half years ago I underwent treatment for breast cancer - lumpectomy and radiation. It was caught very early thanks to a spider bite that I went to see my doctor about, thereby establishing a life-long love affair with tiny spiders -despite having hated spiders as a young woman. That bite, about where a diamond pendant would sit, led to a mammogram and ultrasound, which in turn led to a diagnosis and subsequent treatment.
Today was one of the 2 days a year I go back for a check up at the treatment centre. Despite feeling great, and taking care of myself, yada, yada, yada, I generally find myself filled with dread on these days as we drive in to the city. What if, whatif, whatifff....
We can look at a lot of things and pronounce perfection...a sunset, a flower, a meal...but when your doctor looks at the latest blood test results and the most recent mammogram, and says, "You're perfect"? Well, THAT's what I definitely call perfect. And then on the way home, seeing two beautiful meadowlarks flirting in a field...that was the icing on the cake and the perfect ending to a perfect day.