Big Bird Has 2 Words for You: Ornithological Iconography

On the drive back from Montreal today, I had a little flight of fancy, and it occurred to me that there are a lot of hen pecked people out there, who may be having difficulty feathering their nests. Well, a wise old owl once said that birds of a feather flock together, and perhaps if there was something good to crow about, then there might be less concern about the pecking order , and a little more billing and cooing going on!
While Tweety was busy tinking he taw a puddy tat, and Hughie, Louie and Dewey were busy running circles around Donald, nobody was really doing anything except Woody who was laughing all the way to the bank! Donald on the other hand was having an identity crisis, but if it looks like a duck, and it acts like a duck, then chances are it is a duck. Which he was. Is.
Is it any wonder the bluebird of happiness doesn't make daily landings? With so many people acting like turkeys, there are far too many swan songs!
....and that's the end of today's flight. Thank God! As I finally ran out of cliches....

And just to reinforce that I have finally flipped my lid, here's a little poem inspired by a sight outside the passenger's side:
Turkey vultures in a tree
May look pretty ugle-ly.
But with feathers fluffed and beaks all buffed,
They're acting kinda snuggle -ly.

I wouldn't consider this edition a feather in my cap, but there is a reason the blog is called Featherbrained! :>)

Happy Easter all!