Bird Bliss

This little Eastern Phoebe looks out over the Florida Everglades. He is one of the least fancy birds that millions of people flock to see here every year. They come to see creatures like this...
...the  stunningly beautiful Purple Gallinule- I noticed it, and it's  a Life Bird (!), but most of the people were here to see Alligators:

They, of course, are sensational, in a primordial sort of way. And they all appeared to be smiling. Perhaps because they were so full.
I hear Tourist a la l'Orange is a local favourite of the 'gators.
While tourists lined the paths to watch these creatures not move, I found another life bird...

The Anhinga is also known as the Water Turkey, as it swims under water, fishing away. Once it catches its fill, it hops up on to a branch, and spreads its wings to dry out. Having no oil glands to help keep the feathers bouyant, it has to dry out frequently or it will sink...
They're stunningly beautiful, and will hold a pose long enough for you to take several shots of its striking black and white wings, and its long tail feathers...just like the turkey's.
The tourists like this bird quite a lot. In fact, I doubt if they even noticed this one! Another life bird!

I flew over 2000 km to meet this White Ibis, who promptly jumped up on the bench and asked me for some nuts. Scaring me half to death in the process!

There are so many birds in abundance here...makes me ever so glad
I came  to the Everglades.