Future Plans

This weekend I planted a lovely Christmas buffet dinner for all the big black squirrels in the yard. If by some wonderful twist of fate, they all suddenly vacate the premises, then I will have a beautiful spring show of colour instead!

Crocuses, daffodils, and tulips will hopefully burst through the dismal days of winter and announce that we have once again made it through!

I don't think it's just Canadians who make plans for future bursts of bright cheerful splashes of welcome. But as I drive down the road and see the russet, gold, and orange heralds of change I feel myself begin to hunker down. I begin to get in touch with my inner bear, and I start thinking about soups and stews and hearty meals, that will help see me through winter.

I see seed pods and immediately get into gathering mode. Not that I collect seeds for making wampum or whatnot, but I do get this undeniable urge to go roaming about the countryside, and pick lots of bittersweet and raspberry branches and winterberry with which to decorate our home.

And I begin to make lots of  lists of Things to Do.
Like cleaning and organizing stuff. Even the Junk-oh is thinking this shed needs a little work!

It's a conflicting time of year...out with the old, even though you may not be quite done with it yet, and in with the new, despite the fact that you're not quite ready for it.

Like the Christmas music they were playing at the mall today. Egad!