Definition of a nice day?
It’s way too nice to be in doors. A gorgeous mid November day, with lots of sunshine is not to be missed – so I didn’t.
Definition of cute?   The little Black capped Chickadee. When Nature created this fistful of feathers, nothing was left to chance. Perky tail. Wink of an eye. Kiss of colour. Sweet call a dee dee dee. And friendly disposition. What is there possibly not to love?

Definition of a teenager?
The Bluejay. Smart mouth, and constantly in use –whether imitating clothes lines or coming in for a landing and screeching at others to “Getouttatheway, Now!” Snappy dresser, likes to draw attention to its brilliant and various shades of blue. Picky eater. “Not just any nuts thank you., and next time? Shelled would be better!"
Just this side of gluttonous. I counted 5 peanuts this guy was able to carry in his mouth – all at once. He had that dish done in less than 15 minutes! And a party dude. This guy travels with all his friends…usually about 10 of them, eating me out of house and home, while scaring off the little ones. But still, there’s something you just can’t help but like about’em.

Definition of a banker?
The Hairy Woodpecker. Wears a prim black and white suit. Constantly working, rarely seen just hanging around the local branch. Always exploring places for new deposits. Always makes a big entrance, wings extended, “Hey look at me!” type. And definitely a little bit nutsy.