Oceans of thought

We're so very fortunate to live beside a river, and it shapes my view of the world continually as it informs me about the land I walk upon and the air that I breathe. But nothing compares to being beside an ocean. Nothing. Every wave brings something new, and on our recent holiday, I was told that there are about 10,000 waves a day along the Atlantic coast. 10,000! Imagine having to cope with that as you go about your daily life, trying to keep safe, or warm, or fed.

How each creature adapts, to me, is truly miraculous. The little ghost crab is a case in point.

As is the Sand Crab...who not only looks like sand, but lives within...digging a home sometimes as much as 4 feet from the surface hole...and don't forget about the 10,000 waves he has to fight continually. They're feisty little critters, and as I walked along the beach,there were 100's skittering sideways away from me...

Will it, or won't it, get eaten by a Willet?

These are the kinds of thoughts that can entertain me for hours...wet, watery, windswept thoughts that clear my mind of stuff that 's grown old and moldy and is no longer important.