If You're Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands

Because I am sick and tired of reading the news, hearing all the buck passing, watching the head shaking and eye rolling, and listening to the excuses for the latest environmental catastrophe,  today’s topic will be about hands.

Hands  on.
Hands off.

Shaking hands.

Helping hands.



Hand it over.

Hand made.

Hand fed.



Then there’s the whole “many hands make light the work” thing.

And “idle hands are the devil’s tools” or some such handy saying for wayward teens and BP oil executives.


Hand over fist.

Hand held.

Hand me downs.


Hand in hand.

Heart in hand.

All this because I went on a foraging course!

From which I came home and said, “Hi honey, I'm home! Here’s a burdock root I dug for your dinner!” and decided that apart from learning that pretty much everything around here is edible, the gentle man teaching the class has lovely hands. And he knows far more about the relationships between the micro/macro/endo/ecto/ whatevero living things that call Earth home and the biological necessity of synergy. In other words,  if we don't  all hold hands, we'll be going to hell in a hand basket.

Hands Up?