Some Things Money Can't Buy.

In my yard, just outside the side porch, there is a picnic table. You will rarely find me sitting there, but you will often find me nearby, with camera in hand. And chances are, you will see shelled peanuts and  a Blue Jay...

...or two, or three...

If you stand there long enough, there will eventually be five or six or seven or eight. Fiesty, flighty, squabbling, bickering brothers and sisters. Perhaps that's why I like them so. Just like our family!
I've written about Blue Jays previously, but now that it's winter my affection for them grows. They make landing in the snow look like it's fun.
As I write this it's -12 C (or +9 F) and no matter which way you put it, it's cold out there! It's dark and windy and snowy. I'm sitting in a warm home, with a crackling fire and music and a glass of wine. The Jays are nestled under a pine bough, hoping that by puffing up their feathers they will survive this night not fit for man nor me!
And they will too.
The shelled nuts, black sunflower seeds, nijer, finch mix and suet came to $59.50 at the farm feed store on the weekend. It'll last about a week. And it'll be worth every penny of incredible pleasure these feathery jewels give me that I will never own nor wear, but simply look at, if allowed.
As I filled the feeders on Sunday, I pished for the family of Black Capped Chickadees that are usually nearby. One appeared out of the lilac bush at eye level with me, not a foot away. So I held a few sunflower seeds in my hand, and he did it!!
He landed on my hand, quicker than a wink, lighter than a butterfly kiss.
I can't buy a gift like that, which is why I consider it priceless.