I'm Becoming a Cranky Middle Aged Bird, and That's Okay With Me

You know, sometimes you just have to wonder what we'd look like if all this stuff hadn't been invented, and we'd never been sucked in to buying it!

Microderm abrasion system
Retinol anti-wrinkle,
Fresh new skin that's Nu2U
Put your money in a sinkhole!

I'm here, I'm fluffed & ready to go
So bring on all the creams,
The unguents, emollients & vitamin E
Time to fulfill all my dreams.

Above the brow and under the lid
I gently pat and buff.
Some new botoxin lipstick.
Who invented all this stuff?

I'm worth it, I know it, or so says she,
The model who's skin clearly glows.
And if I just follow the daily regime
Why you won't even notice my toes!

For they need help too, and so do my arms
My hair could be more naturelle.
It's easy to get this, just hundred$ a month
And gone is this old-aging hell.

So what do we do when gravity sucks?
And time won't grant us a favour?
Write all of your friends and family, too
And remind them, this moment's to savour.

Wrinkles are us, and so is gray hair!
Welcome puffiness, weird aches and pain.
We babies have boomed all over the world
Gray power is our new domain!

There's no limits where you’re going
Except the ones that you put in place
So try and avoid the speed bumps
And wipe that makeup off your face!

-The Beginning.