Knock on Wood

The loud drumming echoed throughout the woods that lead immediately from our door. No mistaking what it was...and within minutes, there he (she?) was. The guide book says the male has a more extended crest (surprise), but unless they're side by each, it's hard to tell. At least, I can't tell. But! There's Woody!
Right at the bend in the driveway.
Not caring one wood chip that I was standing at the bottom of the tree.

The effort was intense and practically non-stop. Apparently, the drumming is to establish territory, but since this Pileated Woodpecker has been in our yard all winter, I think - -I hope - - that she/he's actually carving out a home.

How many of North America's largest woodpecker might fit in the hole? An adult is 16-17" long..that's a lot of feathers that will fill the room.
Not to mention the little woodies.
Doesn't appear to be anyone home...yet...