Just Singin' the Loonie Tunes

If you live in Canada, you will know the call of the Loon
and you will likely have been told by scolding old school marm-aladies
not to mimic their call especially in the spring
when they are calling for their marm-amates.
Like this."ohhhhhwaaaaallaahooahhhhhh" or something remotely similar.
Loons are right up there in Canadian iconism with beavers 
and Mounties
and Justin Bieber.
How a 16 year old kid from Stratford can take the teenage world by storm
is beyond me. (Obviously, as I never did it.)
But, gasp, I just don't get it.
(Sorry, Justin.)
So now I know that I have crossed the line.
I'm old.
And you're not.
That your handlers want you to sound like an American ghetto kid from wherever it is your newly acquired accent comes from,
in order to attract more and more teenage angsters is,
of course, their right.
And yours, too.
I just happen to think it's all a tad loonie.
A bit of a scam...the art of persuasion,
the machine in motion and the tail wagging the dog  puppy.
 This just in.
I just shared.
Just like you're doing
 on all the tv talk shows.

And to quote a wood burnt sign that used to hang at the ye old family cottage,
"Ve get too soon oldt, and too late schmart.
Just in time
for y'all  to think about.