The Juncos are Jammin'

Three days ago it was sunny, warm and spring like. Two days ago it got colder, yesterday was miserable, and today, we're back to winter! Everyone I know is miffed, depressed, threatening to do...something...and just wishing that whoever ticked off Mother Nature would just apologize so we could back to Spring! (Hey -if it was you, do it! you'll feel soo much better!)
But there is a bright side to the dark side! Suddenly, the juncos are jammin' around the feeders, hundreds of them! Fox sparrows, three of them, are doing their funny little digging dance in the grass to uncover seeds, and there are tree sparrows just hopping around looking cute and kind of dozy. The resident chickadees are happy to see some new faces, the redpolls are looking a little worried, 'cause the juncos are eating everything in sight, and the woodpeckers could care less who's here as long as she (that would be me) keeps the suet cage full.
Spring is coming, spring is coming, spring is coming.