Fitting in.

We all do it, though some better than others. Whether it's wearing the latest clothing dictated as "in" by the fashionistas, eating the latest food fad, playing the latest game...you name it, we're doing it. Trying to fit in - not to stand out in the crowd, but to be the crowd. We want to be like everyone else in the tribe, because to be different puts us at risk of being noticed. And if we're noticed, who knows what will happen next?Might be seen by someone or something that doesn't have our best interests at heart. Better to blend is Nature's primary dictate.

This little American Goldfinch looks pretty much like the sulphur yellow leaves of the birch tree it's perching on...a blink of a leaf against a perfect blue sky.

And the Great Blue Heron slowly weaves through the reeds, seeking to blend with the long slender stalks as it stalks its dinner.

His slate gray body matches the water below, and the sky above, a ghostly apparition that's only sensed. And by then, it's likely too late.