It's Not the Night Before Christmas

It’s the night before the night before
and all the wrapping’s done.
The cooking and the baking,
and the tree is decked for fun.

The money’s spent, the larder’s full
the music is all set.
The lights are on and turned down low
the deadlines are now met.
The potpourri, the chocolates,
and lots of peanut brittle
Battle for my senses but I’m stuck
here in the middle.

It’s all so good and it’s been so long
leading to this day
that now to sit and soak it up
Is going to lead the way.

A little glass of eggnog, and maybe
more than two
We can linger a little longer
‘Cause there’s nothing left to do.

So here’s to me, and here’s to you
May your Christmas be quite merry
And may your burdens be the kind
That you can easily carry.

May your year be filled with laughter
and happiness and hope
And if problems come from time to time
I  know that you will cope.

Take time to cherish the little things
that come along each day
and treasure those few moments
when things are going your way.

Live well. Laugh often. Merry Christmas.