Fifty Shades of Green

Of course, by now, if you haven't heard about Fifty Shades of Grey, you either:

 a) live under a rock,
 b) are deaf and blind, or
 c) vacationing on Mars.

I am none of the above, however, I haven't read it, and in all likelihood won't bother anytime soon.  I did read one review of the series by a gynecologist who bemoaned the possibility of contracting genital herpes just from reading it, and another review by a 50-something woman who said she had dislocated her jaw while yawning through all  rolling, repetitive orgasms.

But, wanting to be both timely and topical, this post is about shades too. Please enjoy the organic, rollicking, pastoral nature of the colour green. It can define what's lost, or locate what is found. It can be soft and subtle, or loud and aggressive. It can overtake, it can help to relocate. It's a colour that by nature is calming. but by nature, can signify alarming circumstance. It can invoke moans and groans, laughter, and tears. It is the sum of many, or all, or none. It is envy, greed, and jealousy, brought on by a lack of love, lust or lore. It is the banner of environmentalists, and the signature of caring. Could it possibly be better than sex?
It is the flag of opportunity for if the light is green, you know what to do!
In each of these images, green defines the story...hunger, death, pain, life, love...whatever is unfolding between the lines or the sheets...green is there.

Green stands out in a crowd, and it can be the life of the party. 
It is also the most common colour used in hospitals. 
It is the colour of containment, contentment, and calm.
Fifty shades? 
More like millions.

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