All Around the Circle.

When we began paving paradise a few centuries ago in North America there were craftsmen hired to do the job. They took pride in their work and despite it being back breaking, they also tried to inject some creativity into the paving stones so that they would smooth the way, both literally and figuratively.

This wavy tile treatment is a fabulous example of form meeting function! The steel grate serves two purposes: it warns the pedestrians that the cross walk is near, and it drains water away from under their feet.

These bubble bricks do much the same thing, notifying the blind and those in wheelchairs to be careful and watch for passing traffic. Someone was thinking with both sides of his (or her) brain. And while the good councillors of the day may have ranted and raved about the costs of careful construction, I'd lay odds that thousands of lives - and dollars - have been saved as a result of these design considerations. 

And who ever said that stair risers couldn't be attractive; adding greenery and life to a concrete and clay landscpape?
I want to walk up these stairs.
Or these ones...
The idea of letting nature assist, especially  after bulldozing most of it away, is a good one.
Creating spaces that suit humans, plants and animals is a challenge.
One that some cities, like Savannah, seem to be better at than others.

I thought at first, how funny! They think that dogs can read...then I realized
how far some people will lower
themselves for a drink.

This little guy's quenching the thirsty child within.

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