Spin Cycle

In the background is a peppy little voice cheerfully chattering  about the nautical look, and how we can now take it the office. As she burbles away, I stare at this nautical look, and I wish I could. But I don't think that's what the etalk hostess means. This spring has been so long coming, that now that it's here, I find myself slightly off kilter. Not quite in focus and a bit soft.
Like dawn on the river. It holds me spellbound as I count hundreds, no thousands of ducks and geese, gathering, gabbing, gobbling, and going on their way. I sit and wonder where they have been. Where they will be tomorrow. I want to know their unknowable journeys. I want their promises to return. Again and again.
Like violets, and daffodils.
The cheery greeting I am given upon arrival is worth the long winter's wait.
And I smile, happy that they're so...so relentlessly yellow! 
They wink and nod with the spirit of spring.
Like little red squirrels who have waited for months to scold someone.
Anyone. Me.

Like a tightly coiled furry little spring, he can't stop moving. Or chirping.
"I'm alive! I'm alive! You are too! What are you doing? Where are the peanuts?
Get the nuts! I'm alive! I'm starving here! Hurray! Hurry.
No, don't stop. Don't look at the birds. I know they're cute. So am I!
Okay, one little look... Hurry!" 
How can one look just once?
This place has me on spin cycle.
I love Spring.

I'm alive.