Cold Comfort

As a snowy white blizzard  blasts into my world, it changes. Colours, shapes, textures, temperatures, even smells.
There is more, and there is less. More intensity, less lingering.
More softness . Less definition

More shades of gray. Less of every other colour.
This wintery white world envelopes us, and dictates changes
that we must make to survive it.

It slows us down. Insulates. Isolates.
Makes us late.
Until we learn to leave earlier.
Which we do. We slowly adjust.
The first day is always the worst. The topic on everyone's tongue.
Why does - 5C feel  frigid in December,  and downright balmy in March?
Imagine getting used to that!
But we do.

We  are proud to be part of this northern land.

And it gives us cold comfort in return.