Fun gal injections

Well, it's been raining just about every day all summer here in the woods of eastern Ontario, and now that we've become an inland rain forest, lots of strange and slightly sinister fungi are showing up.
Saffron yellow, deadly poisonous.

Amanita, don't a eata. (sorry, it's the rain that's rotting my brain!)

Can't find this slightly floral looking one in my guide book. Not about to pick this posey.

This might be a bathtub fungus (or Sparassis crispa)...the guide says I can eat it to flavour a souffle. Ha! Over my dead body!

Oh gross! Look at that thing! I have a slight aversion to slime...especially the moving variety with little antennae attached to one end of its body!

In a previous life I would have been a gatherer. I absolutely love mushrooms, and especially ones I pick for free in the fields. Those one's I trust. The forest varieties? Them I leave for the witches, haints, and slugs.