The Sue Chef: Fortification Soup

When it's -8C and the windchill makes it feel more like -21C
and the view out the window looks like this

and only those poor, unfortunate people who got snowshoes for Christmas
feel compelled to be outside,
then that is the time that my thoughts, and those of the creatures around me,
turn to food. From the little nibble notes of the Red Squirrel

to the nutty taste tests by the Blue Jays,

thoughts of food abound.

Perhaps it's a winter thing. A cold thing that makes us yearn for rich, tasty treats, a kitchen redolent with earthy spices, a pot simmering on the stove
and buns in the oven. Pregnant pause here. 
Some spicy cooking indeed!
Which is why I'm thrilled with the ability to browse through papers from all over the world, and discover a recipe in the Los Angeles Times that begs to be tested and tasted. A recipe for a soup that a couple had at Bewley's on Grafton Street in Dublin. I've actually been there! And they thought the soup was so exceptional that they asked the food writer at the LA Times to get it for them.
And lo and behold, it's now simmering on my stove too.
I love that about today's technology!
This soup is chock full of vegetables: onions, potatoes, leeks, tomatos,fennel, carrots,  and white kidney beans...

My kitchen smells like a place to linger.
To sit and share a bowl of soup,
 and a warm cheese scone.
I'll put another log on the fire, and we can enjoy this cold winter's day -
where at least for this hour, and in this place, all is right with the world. 

Fortifying the soul on a Saturday afternoon.