Play Misty For Me

Driving in the early morning, in such a hurry to get there, I realize suddenly, that I am here.
In the middle of the mist.
Nothing is as it seems.

If I were driving fast and past, I wouldn't have notice the tree that has figured out
how to leverage its own weakness. And become stronger.

And when I look, really look, the most amazing things appear that I didn't realize were even there.
That hawk I dare not try to identify is just sitting there, in the mist,
waiting to take wing.
Hidden from his prey, for now.

In each droplet is a universe. Life as we don't know it.

Is the fence defining my view of the world?

Can I overlook the obvious  and see the world beyond?

And what will I discover as my world branches out...like this porcupine.
The mist is playing with me, and I like it.

To my American friends, Happy Thanksgiving.
I'm a better person for knowing you. Thank you!