Lots to Crow About

Lots of people don't like crows. Matter of fact, lots of people hate crows. They're loud, bumptious (love that word!), cantankerous, ornery, ill-mannered flockers! Not unlike a bunch of teenagers hanging out at the mall. (Not yours or mine, of course). But... I happen to think they're pretty cool. I know, I know - the CAWCawCawCAW-ing at 5 am on a Saturday morning doesn't win them many friends and it likely influences a lot of others that the crows should be watching out for over at the local dump.
But I once had the honour of trying to nurse a wounded crow back to health - after he'd been winged by an errant bit of buckshot at the dump - and my opinion of, and respect for, crows changed almost instantly! For starters, up close and personal, they're stunning! Irridescent green, bronze, black, and midnight blue blend to create a cloak of darkness, but when captured in sunlight, they positively glimmer. Another thing? Very,very smart! We kept Boris our wounded winger in a reasonably large cage, suitable for a mid-sized dog. He had that latch to freedom figured out within an hour! Little peck here, a pull there, and bingo! I'm outta here! Since the experience with that handsome fellow, I've watched crows a lot more closely. We have three at present who like to lurk around the feeders in our yard. Little feeders meant to hold peanuts for little nuthatches, and suetcakes for downy wee woodpeckers. But do the tricky trio think they're too big for the feeders? Absolutely not, sunflower seed! A few days ago, I watched in wonder as one stood on a fence post, close to the metal tube peanut holder. He hitched his leg up and caught the feeder with his claw, drew it over to his beak, and then proceeded to chow down 'til that tube was totalled and the nuts were gone. Now that 's something to crow about!