Acting Naturally.

 As Spring slowly, slowly unfolds this year the lessons Nature
wishes us to learn become apparent.
Things are seldom simple.
And  they are seemingly not what they seem.
First and foremost, Nature is in complete charge.
If She wishes that there be snowstorms in April, so be it. 
This is not about You.
Well, that's not quite true. You will learn how quickly hordes of little tiny Common Redpolls can empty a feeder full of niger. And you may also learn how much better off you'd be if you'd only taken advantage of the bird seed sales last week!
Should have done that.

The camera that was on sale just after Christmas would have captured the feeding frenzy a little better too, proving Nature's lesson that he (or she)
who hesitates is lost generally pays more.

You may also learn that if you must take a picture through screening, then you should have installed the lighter coloured screen and not the black stuff.
Yes, Nature helps us to see many things more clearly.
There is an art to seeing.
If you are a Hermit Thrush you need to blend in and be almost invisible in front of your prey. If you're a human trying to capture a Hermit Thrush with a camera you need to be quick. And lucky.

Sometimes you really can't see the forest for the trees. And  what you think is  a leaf is in fact a Purple Finch. This was  a lucky shot, only discovered after
the fact, with the aid of the digital magnifier.
Nature doesn't need one of those. Ever. She knows exactly how things
are meant to be in order to blend in, you dull earthling dolt. 

Of course, being in complete control of this little blue planet, third from the sun, Nature is not always nasty. In fact, after proving beyond every single solitary reasonable doubt just who's in charge, She  usually sends us something breathtakingly beautiful.
A Loon calling plaintively throughout the night, searching for completion.
There is no nicer Evensong.

And just to be very sure you get every lesson you need to learn, the occasional oddity will be tossed in your direction. Just to make sure you're paying attention. That in the midst of chaos, you've kept your sense of humour.

Believe me.
Until we accept that Nature's in charge here,
and learn how to live within our means,
we're going to be needing it.

Happy Earth Day.