Do not go gentle into that good night...

Dylan Thomas said that, and perhaps he was watching the whirl and swirl of the Chimney Swift when he first thought it.
Last week we were in Colonial Williamsburg, and while slowly strolling back to our hotel, I happened to look up. And what to my wondering eyes should appear? Chimney Swifts! Flying Cigars...amazing little birds that whip and twirl and do all sorts of acrobatics, and then suddenly SWOOP! and disappear into a prominent chimney where they cling neatly in nice snuggly rows, all together until morning's light starts to filter down the shaft, waking them one little wink at a time.
These are amazing little winged wonders, and the greatest wonder of all is that while I stood and watched them for half an hour, hundreds of people streamed past me. They were on their way to the theatre under the chimney...to a public chat about Awareness. No one looked up. Not too swift.