I think someone should invent a webcam that's about the size of a pea, that one could wear like an earring or hair bauble or something equally charming. And then when you happen to be out and about, and you don't have a ten pound camera just handily hanging around your neck, but you DO have your point and shoot digital dead battery carrier on hand...you could actually take a picture of something you see that's awesome!
Like the Sharp Shinned Hawk in the garden, who nabbed one of the crows from a previous blog, and took off into parts unknown to savour some crow pie for lunch!
Or, the Sharp Shinned Hawk in the garden , who nabbed a goldfinch under the feeder , and took off into other parts, still unknown, to enjoy some finch fingers.
Or, the Sharp Shinned Hawk in the neighbour's garden (finally!) who nabbed the little chipmunk, and flew off into totally unknown parts for some finch and chips.
I have not one photo to prove any of the above, but I will tell you this...I am getting new batteries for the camera, and I am keeping it in my pocket always!