A Peach of a Day

Every once in a while a day comes along that's pretty much the way we wish all our days could be! Today was one of those.
First, we made peach freezer jam -determining that this is so easy, that we believe it is the key to world peace and life everlasting. We should all be jammin' together!

Step one...get fresh peaches. Slice. Dice. Add sugar and pectin. Done.

Step two. Ladle into containers.

Step three. Take a picture. Put in freezer.

There! That was so easy, that we're going for a drive along the Quebec side of the Ottawa River, and hanging a left at Black River Rd/ Chemin Riviere Noire. This is a great river, rich with the history of logging and the founding of this area as Her Majesty's (Victoria's ) official Tree Prospectors came looking for tall timbers to fell for her fleet of ships
with which she hoped to conquer the world.

Some of those gentle fellers of trees may have seen this scene...goose, goose,cow. Which was one of the first Chinese Canadian foods on offer back in 1828.

Then, this being the perfect day it was, it was time to return home and
still hyped on peaches make some Peach Cobbler for dessert
(because it seems we had a bunch of fuzzy orbs still sitting there on the table that either needed to be dealt with or thrown out).So...cobbler it is.

Serve warm with vanilla ice cream. Say "Ohmm."