I ate Ireland.

I believe that carrots, onions and green peppers are called trinity in most cook books, and the combination forms an essential taste base that sets the tone for the entire recipe. The carrots add sweetness, the peppers a tang, and the onions keep them from fighting with one another.
That said, I am sitting here at the table, munching away, and pretty much in a state of bliss! There is absolutely nothing in the world that tastes better (in my humble opinion) than a raw carrot, quickly pulled, rinsed, and still warm from its earthy sheath. Except of course, another one or three.
The second best taste is a cucumber, twisted off the vine, peeled, salted and sliced, then straight into the mouth. My mouth. Slightly sweet, a tad tart, it is the taste of summer.

Add to this some cottage cheese, and a little pepper, and you have created Irish Sue! Enjoy!