A Walk Around the Neighborhood

Today was one of those picture perfect days, an apple  of a day, a day to celebrate being alive! Cool, clear blue skies, soft southerly winds, and best of all, a Sunday, so nothing to do but enjoy it.
We live in eastern Ontario -the Ottawa Valley, which is a little slice of heaven on the shores of the Ottawa River. I brought my camera along on this morning's walk so I could show you my neighbourhood...
First - the walk out the back door, towards the driveway...and right past the coming winter's warmth:

Yup. We heat with wood (and electric when we're lazy).  There's tons of it around, and it means you can open the doors on a cold day to cool
the house down, and not feel guilty.
But, I'm getting ahead of myself here,
Our driveway is beautiful.

There comes a day, every year when the trees just give up their gold.
And let it fall. Today was that day.
There's always a few hold outs... waiting to be the last leaf to fall.

The sidewalks in my neighbourhood are not paved with cement. 
They lure me, lead me and make me walk slowly. I do not wear a watch.

 I wander down the "sidewalk" and check out the block.
The view of the main drag, so to speak...

Like any urban area, we have to contend with litter:

So many of them! And the smell is evocative of childhood. Rich, earthy, ripe scents of yesterday and filled with promises for tomorrow.
Today, I found plants that weren't quite ready for winter...
Still blooming, defying the odds. How  like a daisy-cle.
The lane to our home is not paved with good intentions.
It's simply winding and welcomes me every time I'm on it.

The front yard is inviting too.

I sit and watch which way the wind blows,
while the leaves dance.