Linear thinking.

 In a world gone mad with shapes, sizes, whirls, whims and fancy sometimes it's nice just to keep a few things straight between us.

A few things that rely on function first, and form second. This pier jutting out into Chesapeake  Bay is functional. It's for fishing. Secondary is the fact that it's rather pleasing in a pillarish sort of way.

 Dreamers dreamed of building this. Knowing someday, some way, it would happen. A bridge over the bay would be built. And both ends of that bridge would change forever. Did they ponder the effects of their dreaming?
Should they have?

Now the artist who dreamt this chair was thinking of many things.
Where we are when we eat food.
  Where food goes.What's the natural flow of food.
How do I keep people from sitting on my visual feast.

November is a good time to think about sort of serious things
in between Hallowe`en and Christmas.