La Belle Montreal...

My holiday continues, and now 1800 km north of Cape Hatteras, I have landed at Chez Soeur on the plateau in Montreal. The fact that someone turned the autumn switch on overnight does nothing to dispel the joie de vivre that is found on every street and around every corner! I love this city, and if I had to live in a city, this would be the one.

On the plateau, near Parc Lafontaine, homes fit snuggly together, the brick facades barely hinting at the style within that spills out on to the street, and into the shops.

Everytime I visit this city I discover another project to think about making -in this case, the simplicity of wood "biscuits" to act as a frame for a row of willow twigs, that bid visitors welcome.

Montrealer's don't care if it rains, snows, sleets or hails...sunflowers will prevail, and you will smile.

And if you are smiling, then surely, you will also need to eat...food begins with colour as we first eat with our eyes.

Then the other senses kick in, and the single carton of eggs I needed becomes four bags full of goodies and goodness. This is at the corner "marche"...half a block from my sister's place...maybe a 1000 sq. ft. brimming with local foods to savour and tasty merchandising brilliance. No Safeway, Loblaws, Food Basics here - thank God! And the fresh croissants every morning make life worthwhile.