93 Reasons to Garden

Our town participates in Communities in Bloom,( http://www.communitiesinbloom.ca/ ) in fact, Pembroke won the national competition for its population category in 2007, and one of the reasons that we won is because the local community has come on board in a big way, supporting the program through their efforts at recycling, renovating, restoring, conserving, volunteering, and of course, gardening. Some way more so than others!
Like Lola.
Lola is 93 years old, and lives on her own in an apartment in Pembroke. She still drives, and she still has many hobbies. She loves to go to yard sales every weekend, tole paints, collects china, and she gardens. Boy, does she garden!

Her apartment is adjacent to a meadow, and Lola decided one day that it would be nice to turn that meadow into a garden that the people in her apartment complex could enjoy. (Did I mention that Lola is 93?) She started fairly small, a plant here and there to catch her eye from her balcony...but like all good things it just kind of grew, and got bigger and bigger!
It's now about 60 feet long, and meanders up and down a slight slope for the full length of the apartment building.
There are little foot paths leading from one section to another with lovely stepping stones (that Lola made in her spare time) and little hidden pieces of garden art that delight the eye once found.

As I was there today taking pictures of this testament to the healthy effects of gardening, I heard a little voice: "Yoohoo! oh, yoohoo!". I looked around, seeing no one, til again "Up here dear!".

I looked up and there was a little white haired lady waving at me from a 4th floor balcony. I waved back, and she said "Would you like to come up?" (Note to city dwellers: this is what living in a small town is like.) "The view of the garden is lovely from here".
And so she told me how to get in to the building, and up I went and met Vera, and she was right, Vera's view of Lola's garden is quite lovely. Vera said she helps Lola out with the watering, "because she's 93 you know, and the hose can be pretty heavy." Vera's a spry 87.

When I grow up, I want to be just like Lola and Vera!