Winged Wonders and Other Mysteries

Butterflies. I've heard that this is the next phase of addiction to all things winged. When the birds are hiding among the leaves, hard to see,  and taking flight just when you raise the binoculars, along comes a wee butterfly, and lands on your foot so you can take a good, long look. How accommodating! How cute. I love you and I don't even know your name.

 Haven't a clue...yet. But the fact that I was out in the yard, trying to catch a glimpse of the Palm Warbler who had been singing non-stop for about half an hour from an impossibly high branch somewhere in the neck hurts stratosphere, made this little guy  absolutely lovable. " Look at me! Here I am, right here, attached to your foot, a living tattoo!"
So I told the Palm Warbler that I was no longer interested in playing hide'n'seek, and walked over to the lilac bush...awash with flutters. Albeit, a very windy day didn't help with the posing, however, these little winged jewels are absolutely beautiful.

The wind was blustery, and they were having a tough time hanging on to the flowers -just as I was having a tough time trying to focus.  It's a terrible shot, but I've included it to show the colours of the black butterfly, with the blue spots. He's distinctly different from the first one with the yellow spots. Both to be identified.  
If you can identify any of these, please feel free. 
Also! Still trying to figure out what the heck this fleshy, marble sized fruit ball is...
 Totally flummoxed here. No one seems to know. So here's what  I do know:
it's about the size of a large marble, round, firm but pliant, with a stem and small leaf attached. We have oak trees, birch, poplar, and a few varieties of pine in our yard. Nothing exotic, no fruit trees. This just appeared in the garden. There was another, smaller one a few yards away. I've googled it but  haven't found an answer yet, so the mystery remains for you, gentle reader, to solve! 
I look forward to hearing from you.