Kid's Lit and Cats.

When my two kids were little, we shared many happy hours together reading a series of wonderful nature books entitled Mr. Seemore Says - Look Up..Around...Down. It was a beautifully illustrated trio of books with a very simple story line. Use your eyes and look at everything around you;  linger and learn about your place within the greater world.

The lessons, such as they were, were very simple.
#1. You have your place and  purpose.
#2.  So does everything, and everyone, else.
#3. We are all connected.
#4. Together we can work miracles.
#5. If you don't step on me, hurt me, or harm me, I will reward you.

Mr. Seemore says, "Look down".

This is a very different lesson from what we learn once we get into a more formal, regulated educational system which dictates: "if you step on me, hurt me or harm me, I will punish you."
But that lesson can also be found if you look around...
While the lessons will vary for those who wish to partake,
one thing is common to all ..it will be a memorable one.

There may be great swaths of destruction that rain down from time to time, causing havoc and creating chaos...

and from the chaos, tiny miracles emerge on purpose,
and so intent with purpose as to be almost invisible.
Only eyes that wish to see will.

Mr. Seemore says,
"Look for the interruption along the thin green line."

I listen. I look. I think about what I am hearing. And seeing.
And I believe that given the use of our senses, when we come to our senses,  we'll be just fine.
In the meantime?
Dawson is teaching me a new set of lessons
on stress reduction.
Didn't change the world today??
Ah well.
Tomorrow's coming soon enough.
Rest up.