Grey Friday

It's a cool, wet and rainy day... a grey day, a curl up with a book by the fire day. Maybe just one little stroll around the backyard...just to see what's happening. Or not happening, as in laundry being hung out to dry.

Lots of action around the yard though. The hated black squirrel (and his four or five brothers and sisters) is a mere consideration of cute here -Really, in my books, a rat with a big furry tail. And when they come creeping down the screen window, from the nest they've created between the sunporch ceiling and the roof, they aren't even remotely cute!

On the other hand the little red squirrels are quite cute, and I especially love it when they put the run on the black squirrels, which they do pretty much constantly, as they establish that THIS yard is red squirrel turf. Just have to figure out how to get them to kick the black beasts out of my porch without moving in themselves.

Of course the chipmunk is the King of Cute. They can go where ever they want.

The birds are out in force today as well, grounded by the rain I guess. The White Crowned Sparrows and the Juncos arrived in the yard yesterday. A clear signal to pack up summer and get out the shovels.

Once it stops raining.
But while I'm waiting, I will go and look at Skywatch Friday posts from around the world:http://skyley.blogspot.com/