Icing from the Inside

It started with sand being thrown against the window, and soon grew to a steady wave of small pebbles tatooing on the roof. In my dream, I was standing on a beach looking at the clear blue waters of Northumberland Strait and the bridge to Prince Edward Island. Peaceful, but slightly disoriented. As I woke,  that vision faded, and was replaced by this one.

When Nature takes your world, and gives it a shake and a polish, you must pay attention.
And so I did.

Cocooned by the soft glow of morning,  and unable to see beyond, I was forced to look within.

Nature's artistry leaves me breathless. A haunting golden moment that rises with the sun and lingers just long enough to remind us that  we can only see this magic when the paint brush is heavily laden.

A magnified moment, frozen in time and soon to melt away.

for more images, visit Skywatch Friday


namaki said...

beautifully described !

Bill S. said...

It looks like you had one heck of an ice storm while we had snow and wind. Keep warm - have a great weekend.

Dave said...

Wonderful images Susan.
...but it looks to cold for me!

Thomas and Shilpy said...

The image capturing the golden sunrise is awesome...Thomas

Kelly said...

wow...you really were cocooned in. Gorgeous photos, but I really enjoyed the narration. These weekend, it's rumored that snow will fly. Temps are dipping below freezing. I hope we get a little of the white stuff!

Ruth said...

Beautiful words, beautiful pictures. I do not like ice storms if I have to go out but the ice is lovely in the sunshine.

steviewren said...

So pretty!

If we had an ice storm like that here (and we have had some) we would be without power and electricity for days because of falling tree branches snapping the power lines in two.

Yolanda said...

I agree with stevie . I hope you are staying warm and safe.

Dejemonos sorprender said...

Mm, beautiful pictures! and cold :)