Cold Comfort

As a snowy white blizzard  blasts into my world, it changes. Colours, shapes, textures, temperatures, even smells.
There is more, and there is less. More intensity, less lingering.
More softness . Less definition

More shades of gray. Less of every other colour.
This wintery white world envelopes us, and dictates changes
that we must make to survive it.

It slows us down. Insulates. Isolates.
Makes us late.
Until we learn to leave earlier.
Which we do. We slowly adjust.
The first day is always the worst. The topic on everyone's tongue.
Why does - 5C feel  frigid in December,  and downright balmy in March?
Imagine getting used to that!
But we do.

We  are proud to be part of this northern land.

And it gives us cold comfort in return.


faye said...

I'm sooo jealous.
Too warm here.

steviewren said...

I find it hard to imagine living in such cold weather, although it has been pretty cold here recently. One morning it was 14 degrees F which is -10 C.

Love the photo of the city street.

EG Wow said...

Yes, we do get used to the winter weather, don't we? It's beautiful...when the sun shines. :) But I much prefer our winter to the South's summer!

VioletSky said...

but building snowmen (snowpersons?) are fun

word verification is 'angst'! very apt for people in certain parts of the province over the last few days!!

Darla said...

I don't think I could adjust....the snow makes for such beautiful photos though.

Susan said...

Funny , we have all these ways of coping...and comparing cold days to the hot ones. We northern dwellers all say..Well, when it's cold, we dress in layers, and you can always add one for more warmth, or take another off if you're too hot.But if the weather is really hot, and you're too hot, how do you manage after the bathing suit layer? And must say, I have way too many clothes..for all 4 seasons.

nonizamboni said...

Perfectly expressed! And your first photo resembles mine, as we have over 21 inches on the ground.
Thanks for sharing your northern world!

Wanda said...

It's nice to see "Happy" snowmen, especially with "heart".

Purnima@a creative project said...

So beautiful!!! the snowman is so cute!!! love it!!!

Roberto M. Alves said...

Beautifull photos. I wish here in Rio de Janeiro, at least once a year, we had snow.
Congratulations to divide so unusual photos.

Greetings from Roberto

Carolyn Ford said...

oh, that looks COLD! Brrrrr! But, your reward is snowmen! How cute they are!

Robin said...

I can't imagine -5 ever being balmy. Heck, I start to complain at 15. A white blanket of snow sure is beautiful though.

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Bill S. said...

What a beautiful post. I love the whites and blacks of winter - but the grey skies I can do without.

Greensboro Daily Photo said...

You nailed the explanation of snowy weather.

BraCom (Bram) said...

beautiful post. I love the whites and blacks of winter

DUTA said...

Where I live, there's no snow, so I enjoy looking at pictures like these in your post. I like the dominant white color everywhere .
And ,of course, the snowmen are really cute.

As for the cold weather, I don't like extreme weather: too cold or too hot, but I can adapt.

MarieElizabeth said...

Your comments and pictures described my week perfectly. Isn't it amazing how we keep living through this year after year!

Lori Skoog said...

It's funny...so many people around here go south for the winter. I like the 4 seasons...I can hibernate in the winter and love the coziness of a fire.

Johnny Nutcase said...

i love those last two snowmen..something about 'em is making them extra cute :) and...BRRRR!