Like a moth to flame, I am drawn. I sense it and seek it.
First light, a welcome sigh of being. Of relief. I am.

Uplifting, strengthening. Fulfilling. Healing.

It pulls me in, beckoning, luring. Promising.
It sends me off in different directions. Pausing for thought. Guiding me.

Reflecting me. A moment in time.

Even in darkness, I seek the light. I want the light.

I find no comfort in darkness.
I have no curtains in my home.


Red said...

Great photos and a great story to go along with them. Very poetic!

DUTA said...

Very true words, and superb photos!

We all prefer light to darkness. We seek it, long for it, rejoice about it. We envy those who live in countries with more hours of light. Light does magic in our lives.

Dave said...

Ha! No curtains...keep those lights off. You never know who has a big lens and is snooping outside!

robin andrea said...

Just today I looked at the low afternoon sun, two days from solstice, and I felt giddy. It's almost time for the sun to start heading back. Yes, to the light!