Channeling Dean Martin

Begin humming:
Memories Are Made of This

Take one gentle Cuban night
(Sweet, sweet memories you gave- a me)
Add one restaurant that felt right
(Sweet, sweet memories you gave- a me)

Then add a lobster tail
Some shrimp and rice as well
Strange little vanilla bean for flavour

Stir in an artist's stare
Three pesos to show you care
These are the dreams we will savour
(Sweet, sweet the memories you gave-a me
Can't beat the memories you gave-a me)

What happened to my hair?
Your eyes are brown, you shouldn't stare
(Sweet, sweet the memories Filito gave us)

Out of no where came the band
House in N' Orleans with a Cuban hand
Oh, the evening it was grand

Fold in lightly with the tunes
(Sweet sweet, the memories you gave-a me)
See some art and then the moon
(Sweet sweet, the memories you gave-a me)

One cab, one ride
One beach , one tide
Memories are made of this!

Buenos Noches!


jabblog said...

I shall be singing Dean Martin songs for days now . . .

Red said...

Really cool description of Cuba! Thanks.

DUTA said...

Dean Martin - What a velvety voice!
Your photos perfectly match the lyrics of this lovely song.

It looks like Cuba with its landscapes, people, dishes, music -has won your heart.

Kelly said...

hehe...good one! (I LOVE Dean Martin, btw!)

designergirl said...

I love the portrait!