Ready. Really.

This is the last day of February, and thanks to the modern miracles of technology and the Weather Network, I can just sit here in the frozen hinterland and hear all about the warm winds wafting over Bahamas, the "thunder'n' woodcocks" in Ohio,  the balmy breezes off Key West, Florida.
But up here? We're still waiting.

Bursting with hope, and patient for the breeze that will unlock
these pregnant pods, and then bring me a Monarch's kiss.

While the band's bus sits.  Tired, retired and rusty. Consigned to the field.
Waiting for the rhythm and the beat and the pulse of the music to echo on a warm spring night. Listening for the crickets and the peepers. 

Lines have been drawn. Stones offered up where before there were none.
If you're going to mend me, and help me to delineate your boundaries,
then now would be a good time.
I am waiting.
And sitting on the fence is not a decision.


A scratch, and nuzzle, a whisper, a hug.
I'm waiting.

We see you everyday. We leave traces and tracks.
But you never follow.
Our trails will disappear, and you won't know where we've gone.
But we will be busy. And you'll want to know.
We'll wait for you in the still of the evening,
down where the creek meets the river and the trickle becomes our sweet treat.

And then one day comes the moment of no return.
And for a singular, frozen second complete freedom reigns.
The waiting is over.
And it's time to make a splash.
Bring it.


John Freeman said...

Great prose, I can almost hear it and feel it .

John Freeman said...

Wonderful way to describe what you see around you.

Red said...

Great photos and beautiful writing to go along with them! When you can get somebody to take a second read, that's great! I read it a second time and found more to think about.

faye said...

Great commentary to go along
with those wonderful photos.

elvira pajarola said...

What thoughtful photography; Marvellous, beautiful and very delicate!

Of course I love the one who is waiting for a hug, a carrot and a little talk!!

i hope your waiting for spring will hav soon an end; I just send you some warm sunshine!!!!!

ciao ciao elvira

Kelly said...

Awesome post, Susan! My fav line is: "Bursting with hope, and patient for the breeze that will unlock
these pregnant pods, and then bring me a Monarch's kiss." (It's a perfect depiction of waiting for spring...). I'm waiting down here too (and none too patiently).

jabblog said...

Beautifully expressed and the accompanying photographs are wonderful.

Dave said...

Each season has its own uniqueness. But here is southwestern Ontario, March is a transitional month. Teasing us. Teaching us patience. Thanks, Susan for your words and nice pics.

Johnny Nutcase said...

not sure what it is, but i love that first shot! and the pony, so fuzzy and cute! :)

Susan said...

Hi Johnny -the first shot is of a milkweed plant with a pod that has burst...that field was actually full of plants looking like that! I love that plants (and animals and us too) all look so different, and purposeful, in each phase of life.

Dave said...

Indeed. Bring it. Soon. Please.

steviewren said...

No way would I jump into water at this time of year...even down here in Alabama. The polar bear swimmer has lost his mind!

Lori Skoog said...

You sure have a way with words!