Reed or Weed...Trash or Treasure

We have the absolute best, bar none, neighbours in the entire western world. No contest! They are kind, gentle, funny and friendly in assorted degrees. We get along great, and John and I consider ourselves blessed to count them as important people in our lives. When we go away, they watch the house and care for the cats. We share our garden with them. And we have dinner parties, and gatherings, and we laugh a lot together.
All except for one thing... and that is MY insistance that the beach grass remain undisturbed in front of our place. They respect that, they do, but it bugs them. They prefer an ocean style shorefront (where rapid wave action prevents grasses from establishing on the shoreline).
But what actually exists is a river's edge,where the plants establish themselves to prevent erosion of the shoreline, provide fish and amphibian habitat, and food for migrating birds. Not rocket science, but definitely botany and the laws of natural selection being imposed.
They  ( the two husbands) respect my wish not to have them "rake" our beach with their ATV's by dragging a bedspring type contraption behind them. And they cringe when I ask them how they're enjoying my grassy garden.
It's confusing ...they're here - riverside -  because they proclaim to love nature- the fish, the birds, bugs, and butterflies.

They just don't seem to make the connection between all of the things they like about the waterfront, and the impact that clearing it has. No fish. No birds. No bugs. No butterflies. Just a bunch of crows and vultures!  (seriously, they wouldn't be here either if there was just sand)

Drives me crazy really. And if either of the two hubby's ever read this, know that I love you both...but I don't love what you're doing to the shoreline.
There. Said it. (But you already knew all this).
It's very difficult to try and find the fine, thin line between good neighbours, boundaries, philosophies, and friendship.
Caw  caw!


jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Good for you in saying what you believe, and in getting this message out. You might tell your neighbours, too, that not all ocean fronts are grassless. I live in Atlantic Canada and there are plenty of salt marshes, grass dunes teaming with life, and more along our shores. I like how your shoreline looks alive. Theirs...not so much.

J Bar said...

Great shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Lesley said...

I agree (with you!)

I actually rather like seeing the grass blowing in the wind with the rippled sand between the blades.

jabblog said...

It's nature and you can't tame it. You're right and your lovely neighbours are misguided.

robin andrea said...

I'm glad you raised this issue, Susan. We have let the grasses grow around our little pond. They've gotten very tall, and we know soon they will fall over and scatter their seeds. In the meantime, the littlest birds come and perch in the grass eating their fill. Our neighbors, who we are just getting to know, have asked when we're going to cut the grass. We're not, we tell them. Not only does it feed the birds, it provides safety for the quail family and other wild critters. The seasons take care of the grasses. It's not a lawn, it's two acres of wildness. Just the way it should be.

Susan said...

I so appreciate hearing from like minded souls..it's quite difficult trying to be a polite, good neighbour, when really? sometimes I'd like not to be so polite and accommodating! You can all come and live next door!

Powell River Books said...

Now that's something I don't see very often, a vulture standing around. But on the other hand, maybe it's better than seeing one circling overhead if you get my drift. - Margy

DUTA said...

No one is perfect, especially when it comes to neighbours.
Maybe, there's a way of reaching a compromise of some sort regarding the grass, so that everyone could be happy.

A human kind of human said...

Can I please come and be your neighbour? You live in the most beautiful setting and I promise to leave the grass alone. ((chuckle, chuckle)) Your photos are beautiful and I especially love the first one. We have similar birds here and they are called "Kiewiete".

teresa stieben said...

Glad to see your oasis amidst the deserted strips. I have recently moved into a city and it seems some mis-guided landscaper has started a craze of solid thicj layer of gravel in front yards so one does not have to water, mow etc. Personally I am delving into the idea of naturescaping the front yard. I just bought a book on the subject. I want birds and their food source to survive and thrive.