The Long Point of View

Long Point on Lake Erie in southwestern Ontario is a long way from home - a bum numbing seven hours spent on Canada's busiest highway, and then some. But once you arrive, it's worth the drive.

Best friends, birding and basking on the beach. Life's good.
Add some fresh asparagus, and it's perfect!

To learn more about the Long Point Bird Observatory, please visit them online at

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Kevin said...

I love the boat house! Great looking lighthouse as well. Thanks for sharing.

Lorac said...

I haven't been there in a while. Your pics bring back memories! Love the lighthouse!

Ruth said...

I have never been there and we live a lot closer than you do. Seems I always end up on the shores of Lake Ontario or Huron. I have only been to Lake Erie a couple of times.

samson said...

Beautiful photo's

Have a nice weekend :)

Greetings from India

Gumbaz, Srirangapatna

Susan said...

places like Long Point and Point Pelee that are destinations for both humans and animals, flora and fauna become mythic..and capture our imaginations as a "State of Mind". The northern shore of Lake Erie is a must see place...before the condo/fractional ownership people take over....HURRY

SandyCarlson said...

A gorgeous place. Thanks for taking me there, my friend.

Elizabeth said...

Love the boathouses, looks like a nice place to visit.

J Bar said...

Great shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Regina said...

Beautiful place and photos! The firs one looks like a painting.
Love the lighthouse.
Happy weekend and SWF.

Ania said...

Those garages for boats made me smile. Thanks!

Carolyn said...

Susan you have captured the beauty of this part of Ontario so nicely. I love the boat houses and oh I can taste that beautiful fresh asparagus steamed and drizzled with some butter.......enjoy you visit and have a great weekend.

Lori Skoog said...

I'm with everyone else! Love the boat houses and could go for the asparagus for dinner tonight. It looks ready to go.

I have spent a lot of time on Lake Erie as I grew up only about 25 or 30 miles away from it (lived on Chautauqua Lake). Many great memories there.

Powell River Books said...

Thanks for stopping by this morning for SWF. We used to have boat houses in the river at the mouth of Powell Lake. After over 40 years in place with no problems they were deemed dangerous because of the nearby dam that produces power for the mill. Now only a few remain tied to the booms at the marina not far away. Great looking asparagus! I grow some in my garden but not nearly that much. - Margy

The Early Birder said...

I've heard the name and read about the birding...now youv'e shown me some views. Thanks Susan.
Have a great weekend..FAB.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! We posted a link at http://www.facebook.com/visit.longpoint

Take care

Norfolk County Tourism
Port Dover to Long Point