Just Another Manic Monday.

I was late getting to work this morning. I left with plenty of time to pick up a Tim Horton's coffee, and have a leisurely drive to put the day, and the week, into perspective. I headed out the driveway, admiring the bright yellow daffodils that look so perky and cheerful, and feeling pretty proud of myself for actually remembering to plant them last fall!
As I came to the first bend in our driveway, I also noticed a bunch of little pinecones sitting straight up on the edge of the road? That's weird - so of course, I pulled over for a closer look, and Eureka!! Not pinecones at all, but a whole little herd of morels! We have spent many hours to little or no avail, combing the meadows of our area looking for what is  thought (by many gourmands) to be the best edible mushroom that grows wild in eastern Ontario and western Quebec.  And here!! Right here in my own backyard, there's a flock of them!
They're pretty easily identified. They look like little conehead brains and are hollow on the inside.
There are blonde, brown, and grey versions (just like my own personal hair stages). It's antithesis, the False Morel  is poisonous, doesn't have a fully attached cap, is black and slimy, and has white frothy stuff inside the stem. Everything about the False Morel says, "don't eat me".
I was pretty excited and called John to come with a bag and help pick them - which he did. So, guess what's for dinner tonight?  It made for a memorable morning. 

And it made me late.  Thus, when I pulled into the parking lot of the arena where my office is located,
I had completely forgotten that we have visitors in town today.

Not everyday an elephant takes my parking space - but she's 38 years old, and gentle, and she can have it for as long as she wants. She is sharing it with a few of her friends too.

Awww. They're very cute, and while I don't generally advocate for live animal circuses, I do know that these animals are well cared for and loved by their trainers and keepers. Our Animal By Law Enforcement Officer checks to make sure they are being properly tended - as does every other ABEO in Canada, wherever the Circus visits.
The big questions, of course, always revolve around the poop - as in "Who's going to scoop the poop?" and "What do you do with elephant poop, or pony poop?"   and  "Can I purchase the poop?", and of course that favourite question that inquisitive minds just need to know, "How big is  elephant poop?"

Imagine! All this, and it's not even noon yet.


Murr Brewster said...

Our local zoo sells elephant poop by the cubic yard and calls it "Zoodoo."

calistomusik said...

that is such a great morning. I didn't know about those mushrooms, I'll have to try them sometime.

faye said...

Sounds like you had a nice start
to the week. Hope the elephant
poop was not a problem... Hallmark sells paper made from the stuff..

Wolynski said...

Do you also pick magic mushrooms?

My mother knew her mushrooms - so much tastier than the white ones in the supermarket. She used to dry them on a string and use them to spice up dishes.

I wish you'd taken a wider shot of the elephant in the parking space, so we'd see him in context. Funny nevertheless. So huge and so gentle.

Snail said...

That is quite a Monday! It doesn't matter how the rest of the week goes after that big start.

Oz Girl said...

What a day, started off quite right by admiring the fleurs!! :) Hope you're on time for work the rest of the week, OR maybe you have more wonders waiting for you, to make you late again. LOL

Kelly said...

...I would love pulling up to an elephant in my parking lot! What a cool sight! You'll have to take photos of your dinner with the yummy morels!

Lori Skoog said...

How sweet it is to see that someone cares about the quality of life these Circus animals have.