Naples by Day

Naples, Florida is a lovely, peaceful place. Well mannered, quiet, polite, and pretty. Filled with a lot of octogenarian millionaires, and wanna-be octogenarian millionaires. We didn't really plan on spending anytime here, and we just lucked into the Cove Inn, overlooking the marina.
 Waking up early and looking out at the view, while the mist slowly lifted.
That was a nice moment.

So was a leisurely after dinner stroll through the old Tin Town and the mellow sunset that marked the end of the day.
All the rest of the time in between was spent pretending to be tourists.
I think it worked too!

Ah yes, well...there's a moment during every vacation
where you just have to be silly! This was John's.

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John Freeman said...

I loved The Cove!

Carletta said...

Lovely shot of the marina (nice reflections), a glorious yellow sunset and a fun fisherman! :)

Guy D said...

Excellent shots Susan, that first pic should be framed and hung on a wall.

All the best
Regina In Pictures

Wolynski said...

Only one moment of silliness? I'm silly all the time.

Beautiful photos - love the early morning mist.

Felicia said...

Your shots make it look so peaceful there (except maybe for the last one!) Glad you enjoyed it!

Ruth said...

"Octogenarian millionaires"...I like the sound of that, but I will be a wannabe. (The octogenarians I see every day are all sick!) Looks like a lovely spot.

overtiredmum said...

Looks like a lovely place to waste time.

Love the bird shots in your last post - as much as I try I can never get them as good as this. I blame the UKs poor quality bird population. Looks like I could do with a trip to florida xo

DUTA said...

The Marina and the Sunset shots are amazing!
It looks like you had a lovely vacation.

Oz Girl said...

Wonderful photos... I do so love Naples. It's been many years since I visited. Perhaps someday soon, again.

Kelly said...

Hahaha! Fun!!!