My Blood Runs Cold

The water belongs to the Ottawa River. The ice is 2 feet thick.

It's cool place to hang about.
Very, very cool.

He's waiting and watching.
Someone's going to jump.
The water temperature hovers at freezing, and hypothermia begins almost immediately.
Outer extremities being to tingle as soon as they hit the water. Not just the fingers and toes either.
This is not a leisurely swim. This is a Polar Bear Dip.

34 wild and crazy Canadians enjoyed the frigid waters last Saturday in Pembroke
...and the hot tub after the jump.

For their efforts, they received a free lunch. Chile of course.
And the Diabetes Association received over $6000 that the jumpers raised through pledges.
It was awesome!


Erica Houskeeper said...

Brrrrr! That water looks very cold, but it's nice that these brave souls took the plunge for a good cause.

Lorac said...

Bless their souls. I would not do it! Nice shots Susan.

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh....I can't imagine!! Looks like they are having fun. I bet it's quite a feeling!! I wouldn't mind jumping in the hot tub, though! :-)

Bill S. said...

Talk about brain freeze. Here everything is frozen. We had our polar bear swim a week ago - no I did not participate.

Johnny Nutcase said...

SO COLD! that second picture is hilarious! I jumped in a glacial river in Patagonia once and thought I was going to die..don't think I could handle this! Great post!

Neil Tasker said...

Nice way of chilling out Susan.... surprised you weren't tempted to take the plunge!...;-)

jabblog said...

Well done those hardy, foolish souls. Are these people screened before they jump? It would spoil the fun if someone had a heart attack. Sorry to be so gloomy - more likely to be an onlooker collapsing anyway;-)

Susan said...

The jumpers actually have to sign a release form relieving the city, the diabetes association, and pretty much everyone in between of any liability if they have a mishap. but we're also very careful, making sure they are tethered (that's the red belt) and that there's a diver in the water with them to make sure they get out fast. No one wants to linger oddly enough!;>) This is the 6th year, and touch wood, we haven't lost anybody yet.

Wolynski said...

There has to be a better way to raise money for a good cause - these people are nuts. Doesn't this lead to pneumonia or, at the very least, a colossal shock to the system? Nuts, I tell you.
Great photos.

MJ said...

Great photo essay. I'm chilled to the bone just looking at it... :-)

A human kind of human said...

I'm with Wolynski on this one... there must be a better, well at least easier, way to raise funds. Brave souls, but I think I'll rather be a coward on this one.