Think I'll Go Out to Alberta

If you've ever been to Alberta, you'll recognize this scene...cold, blustery winds, white outs threatening, and  fields that roll on to forever.

Things are changing so quickly in the southern prairies, settler's original log dwellings are  being taken back by the land, relentless in its pursuit of memories.

The Rockies beckon, a frozen promise...

Mountains that command respect with the simple act of being.

and Gray Jays wing through winter charming the frost away.

While the golden poppies are waiting, on the shores of Lake Louise.


robin andrea said...

I've only driven across Canada once, and that was way back in 1973. I remember loving the prairies in Saskatchewan and then watching the mountains rise up in Alberta. So beautiful there.

The Early Birder said...

Never been that far north but at least I can experience the 'feel' through your eyes. Cheers Susan.

Susan said...

Robin - I grew up on the Alberta Saskatchewan border, and everytime I return it just pulls at my heart...I love the prairie landscape.
EB - It's a long way from the British Isles..but I think you'd like it!

Kelly said...

...your landscapes are just beautiful (especially Lake Louise and the Rockies), but I really like your narration today--beautiful and lyrical. Saw on the weather you have a bit more snow on the way. We have wind and rain. oh boy!

nina at Nature Remains. said...

I visited Lake Louise as a child. I didn't look quite like that, though!
Very nicely told.

Erica Houskeeper said...

Hi Susan,

So glad I found your blog (thanks for stopping by!) These photos are very nice. The prairie photos look haunting but also beautiful. The Lake Louise shot is stunning!

Take care,

A human kind of human said...

"Mountains that command respect with the simple act of being" Very well said! I love mountains and this quote is so true.

As usual, I am amazed by your photos.