Just Scraping By.

Yesterday morning the sunrise was spectacular...a sailor's warning. In this case, to put on your woollies before embarking on your boat. As it's beautiful, yes....

But it's also very chilly.

As winter warms up, figuratively speaking, she presents us with her frigid patterns. Perhaps her cool way of saying,
"Sorry.I know it's cold...but look what I made for you!"
In this case, the sun paints a golden wash on
the ice that I will need to scrape away.

Indeed. This is commonplace here in  Canada. I get up. Start the coffee.
Grab my coat and boots, go out and start the car...and on some mornings, start scraping the ice off the windshield and the windows. Winter paints a dangerous picture that must be removed before the  daily drive begins.

The view revealed. Hmm. The Mums are truly toast now. Or frosted.

 And on the beach, the very first Snowbuntings of the season arrive.
A cheerful note that takes away the chill.


Murr Brewster said...

The windshield ice looks like a solar panel. So pretty! And I rarely got to see it because I had to scrape hours before dawn...

The Early Birder said...

Susan, I definitely will not miss the daily chore of scraping the car windows in order to get to work this winter unless I need to go out early to do some wildlife watching. I may have a half decent pic of a Snow Bunting to share with you from our recent trip. FAB.

Kelly said...

Ohhhhhhh......Snow Buntings!! I love the way you announced their arrival...