The Gaspé

Nature’s palette is amazing, and in the Gaspe region of Quebec, she surpasses every expectation with cobalt blue, ivory white, tan and turquoise. The fact that she has lined the cliffs of Bonaventure Island with Northern Gannets takes your breath away, as they don’t just cling to the rock, they define it.
And just when you think you’re sated with her painting, she draws a line of black around the lip, gently adds a touch of melted caramel, and forevermore, changes your idea of a kiss.

Just like she did with the rock.

You can see more photos from around the world at: http://www.skyley.blogspot.com/


Radka said...

Hello, you have a very nice blog, full of pretty pictures, I wish a nice day, Radka.

Carolyn Ford said...

I love the scene, the photos, and your description of such a magnificent place. How I would love to stand where you stood to get these shots! Absolutely stunning!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

haven't been to the Gaspe in so long. Now I'm wishing I were there!

Judy said...

That is almost poetry! I never would have thought of gannets as having melted caramel heads!!!
Great photos, too!!

J Bar said...

Great shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Carolyn said...

Such a lovely post and beautiful photos. The Gaspe is such a beautiful part of Canada. I have only been there once but it is on my bucket list to visit again. Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for sharing your part of the world.

Julie said...

I do not know this part of Canada at all, Susan. But your photographs just kept on getting better and better as I enlarged each in succession.

Your text binds them all together with such poetry. Wonderfully engrossing post.

Susan said...

Carolyn and EG -Gaspe is one of my favourite places in the world -it's stunning to see the Norhtern Gannett colony up close and personal!
Judy and Julie -thank you for the kind words...nature inspires!

And thank you all for commenting!